Features Whatbox plans offer

Whatbox is an excellent seedbox host especially if you are getting a seedbox for the first time. It has simple plans that offer all the features you will need. In the article below I have covered the disk space and also the bandwidth each basic plan offers to you.

Disk Space given to you

If you opt for the basic Flex NLĀ  plan note that you will get a total disk storage of 360 GB which is the largest amount of space a basic plan offers. With the basic Flex US you get a disk storage of 200 GB. With the Quark plan you get a disk space of 140 GB and the least amount of disk storage which is 100 GB is what you get with the Heat Plan.

Bandwidth you get

In case you want to get unlimited bandwidth then you should get the Quark plan. This is the only plan with which you get unlimited bandwidth. The best basic plan you can get is the Heat plan which offers you a total bandwidth of 3 TB. As for the basic Flex US plan you get a bandwidth of 1.5 TB which is the least amount of bandwidth you can get. The Flex NL plan offers you bandwidth of 2TB.

Video below covers an overview of ruTorrent and its functions